Founded in 2009 with branches in the United States, Canada and Africa, CODERS4AFRICA is a full-service software and consulting company specializing in software development for both web and mobile platforms. What started out as an initiative to give back to our communities transformed itself into your one stop shop for software cross-platform development and high quality web and mobile APP solutions to clients across the globe. Coders4Africa is the powerhouse guiding the developers towards their own betterment in promoting creativity while providing a lending hand in becoming the brainpower for the future IT global-outsourcing, software development and training.

Our motto is: "More Than Code. Practical Solutions". To that effect, we have a large and very diverse team of software developers, architects and business analysts that have a combined 40+ years experience in several technologies. We build applications for every need from prototyping for a startup to a full-fledged enterprise mobile solution for big companies with our expertise in handling different mobile platforms such Android, iOS, Blackberry etc. and fully responsive websites with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript Frameworks


Every software development project needs to follow an appropriate methodology. We manage our clients' software development milestones, determine project scope, analyze requirements, design, develop, test, train, document, pilot, and deploy. All while keeping you up to date during all phases in a timely manner.


We create aesthetically appealing websites, mobile and web applications with a focus on quality, usability, best practice and standards compliance. Our UX and visual design teams create optimal user experiences on both mobile and web platforms.


We build high quality native applications for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone platforms. They are high performance, high capacity applications designed and built to support scalability and growth. Need cross-platform and native applications for servers and desktops? Contact us for fast quote!


We bring together the people, processes, and practices that allow rapid, reliable and cost effective software deployment. Our analytics team can measure and monitor your KPI's and provide insights that optimize the solutions we build for clients. Thereby allowing for business decisions to be based on data rather than gut instinct. Need analytics for your web/mobile app? Get in touch and let's get you started towards the path of success.

Why Choose Us ?

The major benefit of choosing CODERS4AFRICA is that close and personalized attention you will receive from day 1. Your satisfaction is always at the forefront of our teams while building the best solution for your organization needs. We are confident that our business-oriented approach will yield the high quality software applications and solutions you deserve.

  • We offer world-class service to all of our clients
  • Extensive software development experience, our team can code anything
  • We deliver best-in-class performance at affordable prices
  • We embrace innovative new technologies and ideas
  • We deliver reliable, scalable, secure, optimized for performance solutions
  • We cater to the software needs of clients in different type of industries
  • We practice Agile software development